Your one-stop destination for various beauty and skincare products such as Ultra Clear Anti Acne Cream, Skin Brightening Cream, Face Serum, Face Wash, Glutathion Soap, Conditioning Soap Free Shampoo, etc. 
Supplying you with a wide range of products that caters to the overall need of the body, we, Maylizz Biotech was established in 2017. Our product range includes Ultra Clear Anti Acne Cream, Skin Brightening Cream, Face Serum, Face Wash, Glutathion Soap, Conditioning Soap Free Shampoo, etc. Our skincare products are gentle and nourishing for your skin. Whereas, our hair care products help in the overall growth of your hair, and provide nourishment to it while cleansing it. We use only skin-friendly ingredients in our products which are not harsh to your body and fulfill its daily needs. These products are manufactured by our professional team after a lot of thorough research. The world of skin and body care is constantly evolving and we believe in evolving with the times. Hence, we constantly look for ways to continue providing you with top-quality products. 

We also provide multivitamin tablets and pharmaceutical syrups. These are liked by our customers for their longer life, effective use, and various health benefits. Owing to our quality products, today, we are known in the market as one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and traders of the above-listed items. 

Our Team 

Our team is committed to providing our customers with quality products at the lowest cost possible. We know that good quality skincare and hair care products are the requirement of all, but these days the cost of such products is too high, so not everyone can avail of them. Therefore, after a lot of research and hard work, our team of professionals came up with a range of products that can cater to the requirements of many. Our team is divided into various departments based on their expertise and experience level, which helps in the systematic completion of every project. 

Reason to Choose Us

We are known to provide top-quality products like Face Serum, Ultra Clear Anti Acne Cream, Conditioning Soap Free Shampoo, Skin Brightening Cream, Face Wash, Glutathion Soap, etc. Apart from that, listed below are a few other reasons to choose us-

  • Our products are kind to skin and manufactured keeping in mind the overall health of our customers. 
  • Our customers can easily track their orders and that helps them trust us more. 
  • We have flexible transaction policies, which help our clients to do business with us. 
  • We make sure to deliver all our products on time. 

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